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Entrepreneurs & investors meet here for business funding opportunities in the bike market

Our team aligns the right funding with the brightest and most viable ideas in cycling.
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Are you an investor who is passionate about the future of cycling or does your project seek capital to unlock all its potential?

We have the proven capability to build the relationships needed to raise seed, angel or venture capital for up to 10M euros.

Business opportunities for bike entrepreneurs

Fast access to funding and strategic partners to prototype and pivot business models is crucial for start-ups to flourish and bring their products to the market.

More and more money is gravitating to ethical and sustainable business plans.

We prepare and support entrepreneurs on their route to feasible funding options and Cycling Industry collaborations - including grants, angel investments, seed and VC proposals, etc.
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Business opportunities for bike investors

If you have capital, we filter the most disruptive and leading-edge business ideas to ensure the profitability and scalability of your investment.

Consider that there is even room to diversify within the cycling sector itself: from start-ups to expansion of seasoned players in manufacturing, technology, and services.
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