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Your HR Recruitment experts in the European cycling market

People power keeps bike businesses moving forward.
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We have more than 20 years of HR recruiting experience in the European cycling industry, with over 1000 successful matches

We identify and motivate the best talent in the market

We serve the full range of talent acquisition in the bike and micro-mobilty sector. Our experience in career coaching and HR diagnostic tools help us to always put people first.

For us, a connection is only successful if it's a great match for both sides.

By regularly attending industry-related advocacy meetings, trainings, meetups, conferences and networking events, we keep track of what’s going on in the cycling world.

And… we love biking as a hobby, so rest reassured that we speak your cycling terminology with enthusiasm!

For talent acquisition

We are committed to find the best professional in the field that you need to raise your team to its fullest potential.

There is an urgent demand for talented professionals in the growing bike industry, including experienced work floor employees for production, knowledgeable retail staff, technological positions, and management with the applicable expertise.

On the top management level, we offer dedicated Headhunting and Executive Search Services.

We speak many different European languages, so we will search multiple countries to fulfil your search.

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For career seekers

The cycling industry needs world-class professionals to broaden and we are excited that you want to join us in this mission.

We are always looking for experienced professionals in the areas of R&D, Sales and Marketing, Production and Retail - from local craftsmen up to international managers.

Are you a cycling industry specialist that sees the benefit of our professional support to find the ideal company for your skills?
Or are you a career changer new to the bike industry?

Just tell us more about yourself and submit your CV.
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The future of international human resources in cycling is here

Cycling is a sport that propels you forward.
This is why we are big proponents of the latest trends in human resources.
Attract, engage and retain the best work environments for everyone in our industry. While we are searching for the right employer/candidate match for you, why not consider some consultancy to incorporate:
Flexible, hybrid and remote work
Purpose-driven career choices - with climate change response leadership at the core!
Commitment to employee health and well-being
Corporate training for a happier, more productive atmosphere
Equitable, inclusive and diverse holistic approach to hiring
Making the most of Europe’s languages, skills and strengths.

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Using our many years of experience in the bicycle market we can help you to find the perfect working possibility according to your wishes and needs, creating the perfect match for both, company and candidate.

Send us your CV and we will be happy to help you.
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