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Whether you are ready to dive in or just want to discuss what possibilities may exist, we’d love to start the conversation. Give us some information in the form below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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How can I contact Till directly? How can I contact your team directly?
If you send us a message via or leave your contact details via our website or LinkedIn profile, then we make sure Till Kraemer receives the message and we will contact you within 24h.
How can I stay in touch?
If you like us on BikeBusinessHUB LinkedIn, then we’ll make sure you will stay up to date with the latest news of BikeBusinessHUB activities and the cycling industry in general.
What happens with my data and the ideas that I share with you?
We, of course, will treat your data with the highest confidentiality according to the stringent European data regulation. We're not sharing your contact details outside of BikeBusinessHUB. When creating a business connection, we will ensure a Confidentiality Agreement is signed first by all sides when appropriate. 
I am not a European citizen/company, is that a problem?
Our business is focused on the European market. So, if your bike business is operating outside the European Union (e.g. USA, China, India, Japan), but is looking to expand into any European country, BikeBusinessHub is the perfect partner to build the connections you need.
Can you also connect me to sponsors/brands?
Sponsoring and brand connections are currently not our core business. However, as our network is so wide, it might well be we are able to match you to an excellent brand partner. As all our services are customized to your specific needs, just email us with your question and we will investigate if we can offer you the right connection. 
What do your services cost?
All our services are customized, so we will make you a detailed custom offer when using our services. In general, we will charge a success fee based on the transaction amount and require a partial upfront payment once the contract is signed.
Which markets are you active in?
Our bike business services are offered all over Europe (United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Ukraine, Poland, Rumania, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, Czech Republic, Greece, Portugal, Sweden, Hungary, Russia, Belarus, Austria, Switzerland, Serbia, Bulgaria, Denmark, Finland, Slovakia, Norway, Ireland, Croatia, Moldova, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Letland, Malta, Iceland).


What kind of positions do you recruit?
We help to fill all possible roles in the bike business. If you are looking to recruit someone for the following roles, please contact us for a recruitment offer: 

Bike mechanic, bike store manager, bike shop sales employee, bike workshop manager, regional manager of bike shops, strategic buyer, supply chain manager, sales manager, assistant sales manager, bike product manager, bike development engineer, bike designer, HR manager, HR business partner, recruiter, account manager, R&D manager, e-bike consultant, apparel designer, marketing manager, finance manager, country manager, retail manager, operations manager, fleet manager, CEO, CFO, CTO, COO, managing director, sales director, Vice President Sales, & Marketing, and freelance consultants.
I see an interesting job opportunity. What are the next steps?
When you see an interesting job, please contact us and send us your CV. When your CV matches the search profile of the company recruiting, you will be part of the selection process. During the selection process, we will put you in contact with the recruiter, accompany you through the full selection process and follow up with you until the day you start the new position.
I don’t see a suitable job offer at the moment. Can I send you my CV anyway?
Yes, please! Maybe at this time, the current job offers do not match your desired career path, but we’re always looking for the best candidates in different working areas. When you leave us your CV, we will contact you when an interesting opportunity arises.

Partnership / Funding

What types of businesses are you partnering with?
As we cover the full cycling industry, we work together with all types of businesses. From local shops to multinationals, from startups, grown-ups, and generations-old family businesses. What is more important to us are the values and intentions that drive these businesses. We are always looking for open-minded people that have sustainability and ecological consciousness as their business drivers.
Can you help to find me a sales/distribution partner for my products?
As we have a wide network across Europe, we are pretty sure we can find a trustworthy partner to bring your product to the right targeted customers. Share your idea with us, so we can identify which of our connections are best suited: digital channels or physical shops, whether you need storage or wholesale partners, etc.
I have a great bike business idea, but I don’t have the connections or funds to make it a reality. Can you help?
We are always open to listen and understand your ideas and business drivers. We are very experienced in consulting businesses with structuring their plans. More importantly, we have a wide network of experts on all levels. When we think your idea or business plan is viable, we can connect you to the best investors or professionals available in the cycling industry to move your project to the next level.